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Vintage Clothing Wholesale – Hand Pick or By The Kilo?

Vintage clothing wholesale

Vintage Clothing Wholesale – Hand Pick or By The Kilo?

Vintage clothing wholesale hand pick or by the kilo? We have blogged on this subject before but times have changed and the subject has become ever more important. A lot has changed since we opened our doors in 1985. The vintage clothing market is maturing. The drive for higher quality and standards is relentless. eBay especially rewards sellers working to the highest levels and punishes mercilessly those who fall short of incredibly high standards. Additionally, even laid back ASOS customers are much more demanding these days. Brands are now more important than ever as keyword spamming is increasingly blocked. It’s the same at Vintage Fashion Fairs. Both Judy and Lou Lou have warned sellers of the need to offer true vintage and high quality stock at sensible prices.

All this means dealers have to keep a tight rein on their purchases. Gone are the days when dud second rate stock can be offloaded. Deadstock, however cheap the purchase price, is a real drain on any business. Are the kilo deals really offering such good value? Here at retro styling we operate on a pick / hand pick basis all day everyday. Not just when we have finished skimming or at one off events. Buyers are also free to purchase exactly what they want. With us there is no pressure selling, no need to purchase slow selling lines to get the good stuff, no minimum spend on site visits – see our FAQ page for more information.

Obviously our prices are higher but we give buyers access to fantastic quality stock and importantly for online sellers we have the brands you need for keyword based online selling. We have many buyers who have ditched by the kilo in favour of our more measured approach. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?