Welcome to Retro Styling – Wholesale vintage clothing from 1920s to the 1980s.

Here at Retro Styling we have been supplying top end vintage clothing on a wholesale and retail basis since 1985. We are now the leading 100% hand pick true vintage wholesale supplier in the UK. We sell by hand pick all the time and not just when we are clearing stock. Whether you make a site visit, or order by phone/online and have your pieces handpicked by us you only have to order what you need by the piece. No gimmicks, no pressure selling and most importantly no bulk by the kilo waste in every order! Our service is ideal for both shopkeepers where space is often at a premium and online sellers where branded goods and the associated keywords are vital for success. All our stock is grade 1 and purchased with tremendous care to ensure we can offer great quality unique fashion at affordable prices. If that isn’t enough, all our stock is 100% recycled so you can save the planet whilst you shop. Interested? Click on the wholesale tab or call us now on 0116 279 6229